Obama gaffes, claims ‘three proud words’ are ‘made in the USA’

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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President Barack Obama pulled a Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday, gaffing the number of words a certain patriotic phrase contains.

At a campaign event in Kissimmee, Fla., Obama said if voters re-elect him over GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, he’ll push to see “three proud words” on products around the world: “Made in the USA.”

The phrase “made in the USA,” of course, contains more than three words.

“We can help big factories and small businesses double their exports.  And by the way, here in Florida you’re the gateway for an entire market in Latin America, which is why when you hear these folks talking about the Recovery Act and he didn’t do this and he didn’t do that – listen, we’re expanding ports and infrastructure here in Florida precisely because we can export more,” Obama said in the Kissimmee speech, according to a transcript released by the White House.

“We can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years, because we’re selling goods around the world stamped with three proud words: Made in the USA. Made in the USA. Made in the USA. That’s part one of our plan, making it here in the United States of America.”

Obama has made a few memorable gaffes over the years, including claiming he had visited 57 American states, but it’s Vice President Biden who is more known for constantly making gaffes. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Biden made a similar gaffe to the one President Obama made in Kissimmee Saturday when he said the number one threat facing the middle class was a three letter word: jobs.


UPDATE 11:20 p.m.:

During his Democratic National Convention speech last Thursday in Charlotte, N.C., Obama made a similar statement. He said those “three proud words” were “made in America.” The remark can be seen at about the 11:28 mark in this video. It appears he attempted to do the same at Saturday’s Kissimmee, Fla., event, but failed.

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