Breastfeeding in class is big news on Washington, DC campus

Jennifer White Contributor
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American University has determined that breastfeeding a sick child during an anthropology class is unacceptable.

The college in the nation’s capital berated assistant professor and feminist single mother Adrienne Pine for “exposing her breasts” in an attempt to feed her child while she lectured an Introduction to Anthropology class.

“I really wish this weren’t considered ‘newsworthy,’ Pine wrote to a reporter for The Eagle, a student newspaper. “I had no intention of making a political statement or shocking students.”

In her emails with Pine, the reporter called breastfeeding a “delicate” and “uncomfortable” topic.

Pine objected to “[t]he anti-woman implications inherent in the email’s tone.”

“‘Delicate’? ‘Uncomfortable’?” she asked. “What [am I]? A rice paper painting? A hymen? If I considered feeding my child to be a ‘delicate’ or sensitive act, I would not have done it in front of my students,” Pine said in an interview with the Counterpunch blog.

Pine did not respond to The Daily Caller’s requests for comment.

American University says it “prides itself on its gender and sexuality inclusivity, a place where students commonly refer to themselves using words like cisgender,” Pine said in a prepared statement,”and where the male-bodied student body president came out last year as a woman.”

“It wasn’t until some of my undergraduate students saw me feed my baby through my breast that my workplace became a hostile environment.”

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