Conspiracy theorists still think the whole Kristen Stewart scandal is fake

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Earth’s axis shifted on June 24, 2012 when Us Weekly published photos of what appeared to be Kristen Stewart getting felt up by a married director, breaking the hearts of 13-year-old “Twilight” fans and Robert Pattinson alike.

Conspiracy theories about how the photos appeared to be doctored emerged online immediately after the story was published, but were soon moot after Stewart issued a dramatic apology to People Magazine.

But intrepid truth-seekers — the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since Woodward and Bernstein — are trying to prove to us all that the photos are fake and the that the entire scandal was manufactured to boost the careers of all parties involved.

After all, who could say that they had heard of Rupert Sanders or model Liberty Ross, his cuckholdess wife, before the alleged scandal?

The box office reports for Pattinson’s bizarre film “Cosmopolis” certainly benefited from the scandal even though it received pretty mild reviews.

Stewart’s indie film “On the Road” was recently one of the most anticipated premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival since it was her first public appearance after the scandal, and the media has been relatively sympathetic to her.

Meanwhile, Ross made headlines for walking in the Alexander Wang show at New York Fashion Week after she had been absent from the runway for several years.

It seems everyone is getting some pretty sweet perks from all of this, save for the brokenhearted “Twilight” fans.

One fan just can’t handle the hypocrisy anymore and crafted a very high-tech explainer video of how the scandal was manufactured.

You’ve got to hand it to this person — whose first language is clearly not English — because this video is pretty convincing.

What will it take to get the world to listen?


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