Iran’s VP accuses ‘terrorists and saboteurs’ of interfering with nuclear program

Jill Gregorie Contributor
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Speaking at an International Atomic Energy Agency conference Monday, Iran’s Vice President Fereydoun Abbasi raised the possibility of IAEA “terrorists and saboteurs” detonating explosives at a nuclear site in an attempt to derail the nation’s nuclear program, The Associated Press reports.

Abbasi referenced an incident at the Fordo plant last month where inspectors arrived soon after explosives cut off power at the site.

“Terrorists and saboteurs might have intruded the agency and might be making decisions covertly,” he said.

“Does this visit have any connection to that detonation?”

Abbasi then warned against efforts by other countries to slow down Iran’s nuclear development, saying its facilities would “remain intact under missile attacks and raids.”

The plant in Fordo, which is said to be enriching uranium at levels closer to a warhead production than power generation, is embedded deep within a mountain.

Earlier this week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the U.S to develop a “red line” indicating how far it would permit Iran’s nuclear program to develop.

So far, President Barack Obama and other world leaders have indicated they wish to pursue more political tactics with Iran before engaging in war.

Abbasi repeatedly asserted that Iran remains anti-proliferation and only wishes to pursue nuclear development for medicinal and electric reasons, but did warn that Iran could “ward off threats by targeting… cyber-attacks, industrial sabotage and use of explosives.”

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