Italian mag prints more topless photos of Kate Middleton, will be sued any day now [PHOTO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Apparently, the Italians never learned the value of learning from other people’s mistakes.

Italian magazine Chi published more topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge Monday, even though the royal palace has already sued a French magazine for doing the exact same thing.

The photos are from the same French vacation, but feature the future queen of England in different positions, such as sitting upright and another of her seductively rubbing sunscreen all over her husband’s pasty British skin.

Chi and Closer are both published by the media group Mondadori, which is unsurprisingly owned by the underage girl-loving former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The British palace filed a civil suit against Closer on Friday for publishing the photos, which they say are an invasion of privacy. They also plan to file a criminal complaint against the pervy photographer responsible for taking the photos, according to The Associated Press.

The Dublin-based Irish Daily Star reproduced the Closer photos in its pages Saturday, but so far the palace has not commented on whether or not it will take legal action against that publication.

British tabloids, which publish gratuitous nudity on a daily basis, have steered clear of publishing the photos of Kate — they also avoided publishing Prince Harry’s nude Las Vegas photos — out of fear of the royal palace.

Who can blame them? The Queen is terrifying.

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