Connie Mack neither defends nor denounces Romney’s ’47 percent’ comments

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Florida Senate hopeful and Republican Rep. Connie Mack neither fully endorsed nor entirely denounced Mitt Romney’s now-famous “47 percent” comments Wednesday in a statement to The Daily Caller.

“Clearly Mitt Romney was discussing our economic system, which because of excessive government interference, often hurts the very people its meant to help and creates a tax system that is wildly disproportional across our economy,” Mack said.

“Government must be restructured to be effective and efficient, with a tax system that is more simple and fair.”

The liberal magazine Mother Jones first published leaked comments from a private fundraising event, where Romney said 47 percent of the electorate was “dependent” on government and saw themselves as “victims” who were “entitled” to healthcare and other public services.

Other Republican Senate hopefuls have denounced the comments, including Connecticut’s Linda McMahon and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller.

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