Does Romney have the skills to turn this around?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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The press analysis this week has been overwrought. Predictions that Mitt Romney lost the election this week are wildly premature. The national polls are close, and as Nate Silver notes, “You’ll win most bets in the end by assuming media has overplayed the importance of a gaffe. It could matter, but want to see polls.”

There is no doubt that Romney’s recent troubles can be overcome. The question is: Can Romney overcome them?

ABC News’ Amy Walter raises a good point:

Almost every candidate has a rough patch. But, the ones that pull out of them have one thing in common: candidate skill. It’s what got Bill Clinton through Paula Jones and Obama through Jeremiah Wright.  Romney, however, just doesn’t have those kinds of skills. A speech, a press conference or series of rallies isn’t going to help. In fact, it’s more likely to hurt. Instead, he’s going to need an event — planned or unexpected — to turn around his fortunes.

This rings true to me. But nothing is predestined. Can Romney rise to the occasion?

Matt K. Lewis