Lady Gaga tokes on marijuana joint during Amsterdam concert

Annie Z. Yu Contributor
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Lady Gaga’s latest antics to scandalize fans is smoking marijuana on stage.

At her Amsterdam concert on Monday, the singer sat on the stage and sifted through various presents from her fans—trinkets, posters, t-shirts, cigarettes and more. “Are you guys having fun?” she asked.

Then she held up what appears to be a marijuana joint.

“Is it real? Don’t tease me,” Gaga said. She ripped the package open and took a deep sniff. “Oh, it’s real.”

Amid cheers from the crowd, Gaga lit the joint and took several long drags before throwing it back into the audience.

The singer has previously identified herself an occasional marijuana user and reportedly told fans she prefers smoking weed over drinking alcohol due to the spiritual influence it has on her music.

Although some fans love Gaga’s transparency and quirkiness, others believe she is continuing to act irresponsibly for her fans, many of whom are teenagers and young adults — this time, by advocating drug use.

In the Philippines earlier this year, angry protests broke out against Gaga for her controversial song lyrics and choice of attire. Christians condemned her “blasphemy” and Muslims called her a “devil’s messenger” for wearing only a bra and panties during performances.



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