Limbaugh: Is Obama setting off the violent protests around the Middle East?

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Thursday’s broadcast of his radio program, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said it was a possibility that by blaming an anti-Islam video for violence in the Middle East, the Obama administration itself is at fault for the past, present and perhaps future unrest in the region.

“Let me ask you a quick question — we now know because of the Benghazi attack, it was not precipitated because of the video,” he said. “We know this now. We know that it was planned in advance, timed to 9/11. We know a former Gitmo prisoner had a role in it. We know that our ambassador and three others are dead. And we know that there is no leadership in this country that is dealing with this. Let me ask you a question: By feeding the false narrative about this video, this movie that nobody saw — could it be that the Obama administration is in fact setting off protests across the Middle East?”

Limbaugh noted this all began with the press release originally issued by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo — that had since been walked back — blaming the video.

“Isn’t it logical to conclude that every time a member of this administration goes on television worldwide and talks about this video — don’t forget how all of this started,” Limbaugh said. “Some wizard of smart in our embassy in Cairo sent out an official release from the embassy apologizing for this movie before anything had happened. Remember how incredulous we all were. And this apology tore into a nameless America who would do things that would hurt the religious feelings of Muslims. They put this apology out before anything happened.”

And that apology, in addition to the Obama-Biden ticket campaign slogan boasting that Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive, gives some in the Middle East an excuse and motivation, said Limbaugh.

“My point is, now that — they’ve got a built-in excuse,” he said. “Terrorists all around the world have a built-in excuse, that video. They can engage in any terrorist activity they want. And they know that President Obama is going to blame the video, not them. They not only have a built-in excuse, they have built-in motivation. First you got Obama running around spiking the football, ‘I killed Osama. I shot him dead. May as well have been me that pulled the trigger.’ Twenty-one times at the Democrat convention, ‘Osama is dead. GM is alive.’”

He called this the result of desperation out of the White House and noted this unrest contradicts the president’s 2008 campaign suggestion he would be a worldwide unifier.

“By feeding a false narrative, Obama has thrown gasoline on a simmering fire,” Limbaugh said. “And so this is the price of a desperate regime that is trying to hang on to power and sadly for the world, the more desperate Obama gets, the more damage he inflicts on the rest of the world. A) He inspires it and B) He offers the excuse. By blaming this video: A) that makes them mad, that he is talking about how horrible it is, ‘It’s offensive. It’s vile. It’s disgusting.’ Well that makes them protest. And when the protests break out, he blames the video so the guys doing protests never get blamed. The guys doing the violence never get blamed. The video always gets blamed. Why not raise hell, all authored by Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm, who is going to unify by making these people love us?”

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