Voter’s remorse? Dave Matthews ‘heartbroken’ over Obama

Jessica Stanton Contributor
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Another celebrity has begun to turn sour on Obama: Dave Matthews.

In an interview with CNN, the musician revealed that while he will support the president again in 2012, he is “slightly heartbroken about it” and “wish[es] there was a third party.”

“I’m concerned about whether or not Obama can win,” Matthews said. “I’m also concerned about his policies because I certainly don’t agree with him on a lot of his positions.”

In fact, even when the multi-platinum Grammy winner cited environmentalism as a specific issue that “draws” him to Obama, he was quick to voice his disappointment.

“I’d like to see him push a little harder,” Matthews told CNN’s Kareen Wynter.

Matthews, who played for the president at a Seattle fundraiser in May, also expressed an interest in creating a new government agency: the Department of Peace.

“I’ve always fantasized that it would be great if there was a Department of Peace,” Matthews continued. “You know, we have a military, but what if there was a department devoted entirely and truthfully to finding peaceful resolutions?”

When asked whether his support for Obama’s 2008 “hope and change” message has wavered, Matthews acknowledged that the president has failed to stay on message and people are disappointed — and “rightly so.”

“I’m disappointed,” Matthews stated. “But I’d be more disappointed by having a president like [Republican nominee Mitt] Romney in there.”

The singer-songwriter also predicted the election will be close and may be the “ugliest” the country has ever seen.

The Dave Matthews Band made Billboard history last week when their newest album, “Away From The World,” became their sixth consecutive album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.