More Americans signing up for food stamps, disability than are finding work

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The Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee is out with new data showing that more Americans are joining the food stamp and disability rolls than are actually finding work.

From April to June of this year, 200,000 Americans found jobs, compared to the 265,000 who enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, and the 246,000 who were awarded disability payments.

The comparisons are from the most recent available government data, and were first reported by The Weekly Standard.

Further, the workforce size has declined since January 2009 — when Obama took office — while millions have signed up for the assistance programs.

According to the data, 1.3 million people have left the workforce since Obama took office, compared to the 5.7 million who are now receiving disability and the 15.1 million added to the food stamp rolls.
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The number of Americans on food stamps hit an all-time high recently, with about 46.7 million people participating in the nutrition assistance program, about one in seven Americans. Food stamps constitute 80 percent of spending in the current nearly trillion-dollar farm bill.
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