Saturday Night Live mocks ‘undecided’ voters

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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This election cycle, undecided voters seem to be taking almost as much heat as the candidates trying desperately to win them over.

In keeping with HBO host Bill Maher’s sentiment from Friday, a sketch from this week’s broadcast of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” took aim at the intelligence of the so-called undecideds:

“When is the election?”

“How soon do I have to decide?”

“What are the names of the two people running? And be specific.”

“How long is a president’s term of office?”

“What happens if the president dies?”

“Can women vote?”

“Can a woman have a baby just from French kissing?”

“If you burp, fart and sneeze at the same time, will you die?”

The sketch was written by longtime “SNL” contributor Jim Downey.

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