Official Microsoft Twitter account accidentally insults Ann Coulter, Coulter responds

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The official Microsoft Twitter account got political over the weekend when the employee in charge of it decided to take a jab at Ann Coulter.

The tweet disparaging the conservative pundit and author of the new book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama” came in response to one from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Reich announced that he would be travelling to New York to visit his four year old granddaughter and participating in the ABC News “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” panel.

“To NY to visit my 4-yr-old granddaughter. Also on ABC’s ‘This Week’ panel w/ Ann Coulter, among others. I’d rather be w/ my granddaughter,” he tweeted Saturday.

The Microsoft Twitter account, which has about 299,200 followers, responded with a tweet insulting Coulter. The Virginia-based Politico website highlighted the now deleted tweet.

“@RBReich your granddaughter’s level of discourse and policy > those of Ann Coulter,” Microsoft tweeted Saturday.

In a statement to the Politico website, Microsoft explained that the tweet was a mistake and not an “official statement.”

“One of the people who manages our corporate twitter account thought he was tweeting from their personal twitter account on Saturday morning but tweeted from our corporate account by mistake,” Microsoft spokeswoman Christina Pearson explained. “That person immediately realized his mistake and deleted the tweet from our corporate account. We have taken steps to help ensure that this kind of mistake doesn’t happen again.”

Coulter was unfazed by the incident.

“Good to see Microsoft is employing people experienced in state-of-the-art social media,” wrote in an email to The Daily Caller.

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