Rep. Grimm on office burglary: ‘An assault on democracy and the political process’

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This morning in New York, staff arrived at Republican Rep. Michael Grimm’s re-election campaign headquarters to find windows shattered by rocks and pieces of cement.

Grimm released a statement that the burglary “is a disgraceful act of cowardice that is beneath the people I represent,” adding that he had “never saw anything as dirty or disgraceful as this.”

There are no known suspects, according to police. However, a press release states that police do believe that the broken windows is a “cover-up for the burglary in which the suspect corrupted and erased the hard-drive of the campaign computer server, which contains confidential campaign files and polling data.”

“Here in Staten Island, we are a family community, which is why despite our differences in opinions and political views, we have never seen an attack on a campaign escalate to this level,” Grimm said.

The campaign keeps sensitive information, including names and addresses, at a separate location, so no personal information of the campaign volunteers or affiliated individuals was compromised. (RELATED: The trials of Michael Grimm)

According to Grimm, “this heinous act represents an assault on democracy and the political process, more so than it does on me as a person or a candidate. I do believe this is a politically motivated crime, and will continue to work closely with the NYPD in identifying and prosecuting those responsible.”

Samantha Schroeder