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TSA: To Shoot Accidentally

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NBC10 Philadelphia reports:

A day after a flight attendant’s gun accidentally went off in Philadelphia International Airport more information about the gun’s owner serviced Monday.

The regional airline flight attendant who says he forgot she had a loaded weapon in her luggage when she arrived for work Sunday morning faced a disorderly conduct charge while the cop who accidentally fired the handgun was on desk duty Monday…

The West Chester, Pa. woman told investigators she forgot she had the loaded gun in her carry-on as she passed through airport security at Terminal C around 6:50 a.m.

A US Airways spokesman says that a police officer was called over to check out the gun and that’s when it accidentally discharged, the spokesperson told NBC10. The bullet went into a TSA break room where an employee was sitting but luckily no one was injured, police said.


Yeah, it’s dumb to put a loaded gun in your luggage, especially if you’re a flight attendant. But aren’t cops supposed to know how to handle guns? How did it “accidentally go off” in the officer’s hand? Who will protect us from the people who protect us from terrorists?