Greg Gutfeld rips Rock the Vote: ‘Hip celebrities don’t care’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Fox News Channel’s “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld mocked the latest public service announcement from Rock the Vote Tuesday, saying “Here’s my rule: If a message features Miley Cyrus as its messenger, its intended recipient is as deep as contact lens.”

The new ad features apparent celebrities Neil Patrick Harris, Kathy Griffin, Joel McHale, Josh Duhamel and Cyrus.

“No you don’t — you don’t matter,” Gutfeld said. “Kathy Griffin, you have jokes older than Miley Cyrus. So anyway, Miley says, ‘We will stand our ground.’ Okay, against what? Exactly what? What is America doing to today’s spoiled, mindless celebrities? How has our nation infringed on the rights of peroxided and post-pubescent pop stars? What did we suddenly ban? Cutoffs? Bleach? Prescription Oxycontin? If that was the case, I’d be with Miley — I’m on one of those right now.”

One of the messages in the PSA is for people to “stand your ground” by voting, but that message was lost on Gutfeld.

“But standing ground on what — the right to flash your navel?” Gutfeld continued. “Why is Mitt [Romney] so tone deaf on this terrible issue? Look, kids, you stand for zilch if you aren’t freaking out about how you’re faring under Obama. High unemployment, kids never leaving home — it’s like you’ve skipped four decades and now you belong to AARP. All you need is needlepoint arthritis.”

The main flaw in this message, according to Gutfeld, is that it turns the election into a high school-style popularity contest.

“The worst thing is the hip celebrities don’t care, because they’re rich,” he continued. “They think it’s cool to vote for the cool guy. No wonder they love Obama. He’s just turned the world of governance into high school. A vote for ‘O’ is vote for Mr. Popular, not that cold, evil Mr. Meanie, Mr. Romney. Here’s my rule: If a message features Miley Cyrus as its messenger, its intended recipient is as deep as contact lens. But maybe this will get the youth to vote for Obama — well, unless ‘Twilight’ is on because that Taylor Lautner is dreamy.”

Rock the Vote is a 21-year-old organization established to encourage young adults to participate in the electoral process. But since its inception, it has been charged of having a liberal bias in encouraging those young adults to vote for Democratic candidates.

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