Joe Scarborough unloads on Mika Brzezinski over Obama

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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A New York Times story detailing criticism of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy by senior diplomats became a major point of contention on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”.

In the story, which was co-written by Helene Cooper and Robert F. Worth, Obama was criticized by both American and Arab diplomats for having an inability to build “personal relationships.”

“He hasn’t tried just like he hasn’t tried like a lot of members on the Hill in both parties,” Scarborough said. “And you hear from both parties and we’ve been hearing, Jon Meacham, for several years that this president will go to a country, give a speech and then leave. And I’ve heard from one diplomat after another it’s as if he thinks the speech itself is the ends. And not a means to the ends, which, of course, is completely opposite of what George H.W. Bush did throughout his entire life.”

However, Scarborough’s co-host Mika Brzezinski objected, but drew a sharp rebuke from Scarborough.

“I’m not sure what your criticism is,” Brzezinski said.

“My criticism is that he hasn’t done the job that a commander-in-chief needs to do,” Scarborough replied.

“So he’s weak on foreign policy?” Brzezinski added. “You’re really going to say that?”

Scarborough immediately dismissed Brzezinski’s defense of Obama, and pointed out that even the liberal-leaning New York Times was willing to criticize his diplomatic abilities.

“Mika, I didn’t say that,” Scarborough shot back. “If you’re going to jump in to try to defend a defenseless president, please get it right. What I’m talking about right here is what this New York Times is writing, he doesn’t build personal relationships. That’s hurt us in Washington. It’s why we have gridlock in Washington and it’s why we have a mess in the Middle East. Whether you’re talking about Bill Clinton, the guy who was the master — he was the master, Bill Clinton. George H.W. Bush. They weren’t afraid to talk to other politicians and leaders in the way that built relationships. So, when there was time of crisis, you know what?”

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