Don’t call 911 if your daughter won’t buy you beer unless you want to get arrested

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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If you ask your daughter to buy you beer and she refuses, the obvious course of action is to call 911.

That’s just what an inebriated Robert Hagerman, who is of course a resident of Florida, did.

Hagerman called the emergency line to report a “domestic situation,” the Tampa Bay Times reports. But when authorities arrived, they said he was “very intoxicated and uncooperative” and easily determined that his story was a lie.

“Hagerman’s daughter told deputies her dad called police because she wouldn’t buy him a beer,” according to the Times. “She used her cellphone to record his threats to make fake statements to the police and played the audio for authorities.”

The beerless perpetrator was arrested for reporting a false crime, and was released after posting $150 bail.

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Taylor Bigler