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Free speech is a cherished American right (unless it offends Muslims)

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Now we know that the Obama administration and the State Department are willing, even eager, to condemn free speech that offends the sensibilities of people who can’t control their anger. And they’re not alone. NYT:

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved new guidelines for advertisements on Thursday, prohibiting those that it “reasonably foresees would imminently incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace.”

The 8-to-0 vote by the authority’s board came three days after pro-Israel ads characterizing Islamist opponents of the Jewish state as being “savage” began appearing in subway stations, setting off vandalism, denunciations of the authority and calls for the ads’ removal…

The authority said it believed the new guidelines adhered to the court’s ruling and would withstand any potential First Amendment challenge…

The advertisements have attracted considerable attention in recent weeks amid the violent and sometimes deadly protests across the Muslim world in response to an American-made video mocking the Prophet Muhammad.

That last part is a lie — “Innocence of Muslims” is a convenient excuse for the rioting and murder, not the cause of it — but this is the NYT we’re talking about. It’s not like them to acknowledge facts that go against the established narrative.

So the MTA is giving in to nonsense like this:

Spraypainting people who stand in the way of your fascist vandalism is “non-violent.” Also, if you don’t like something, it’s “racism” and “hate.” Words can mean whatever you want them to mean.

I sure hope I don’t get in trouble for displeasing this genius too:

(Hat tip: Breitbart.com)