Kate Middleton is still naked, and just a little bit less blurry [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The Danish tabloid Se og Hor published a new set of photos that show Kate Middleton not just topless, but completely nude — not that you can tell by looking at the shots even with a magnifying glass.

There’s nothing really new to see here, since most of the photos are similar to the ones published two weeks ago by the French tabloid Closer and Italian tabloid Chi.

But this time the Duchess of Cambridge appears to be shedding her bottoms in addition to her top. However, the photos are so pixelated that you might as well just close your eyes and imagine what that might look like if that’s what you are into.

Kate and Prince William won an injunction against Closer last week. A court ordered the magazine to hand over any and all nude photos of the duchess within 24 hours, or it would be fined $13,000 per day, so one can reasonably expect some similar retaliation from the palace to the Danish press.

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