Pelosi conducts animal sacrifices, leads zombie army in new attack ad [VIDEO]

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi conducts ritual animal sacrifices and leads a zombie army.

Or at least a more wrinkled Pelosi look-alike does so in a new ad from her Republican opponent John Dennis.

Dennis tapped Chris Burgard, the video producer most well known for creating the “Smoking Man” video for Herman Cain’s presidential campaign, to make the ad.

It’s safe to say that this spot, entitled “Night of the Living Pelosi,” is even more bizarre than the Cain campaign ad.

The ad shows a somewhat gruesome scene filled with blood-covered zombies, some with yellow eyes and sharp teeth, clustered around a lamb. One of the zombies is clasping a knife over the lamb while the other members of the living dead chant what sounds like “Pelosi.”

At the head of the scene, perched on some kind of elevated chair, is an actress playing a Latin-speaking Nancy Pelosi.

“We must first gut the sacrifice so that you can find out what is in the sacrifice,” she says, according to the subtitles. The line refers to Pelosi’s 2010 comment during the debate over the Affordable Care Act that “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

The Pelosi character smirks and fans herself with a copy of the Constitution as the zombies chant and prepare to sacrifice the lamb. Burgard explained that the metaphor was that “she was waving [the Constitution] in front of the faces of the people, but is she paying attention to it?”

But as a zombie is about to bring down the knife and kill the lamb, John Dennis enters and stops him, as Pelosi and the zombies look on in horror.

“She is not a sacrificial lamb,” he says, tossing away the knife, “and neither am I. You’re strangling job creation Ms. Pelosi. You’re burying us alive under a mountain of debt.”

“Well you do you want 500 million Americans to lose their jobs?” Pelosi asks, prompting confused sounds from the zombies. Pelosi made the comment several times in 2009, when in fact she meant 500,000. There are only slightly more than 300 million Americans in the United States total.

“You voted to detain American citizens indefinitely,” Dennis shoots back. “I wouldn’t have voted for that.”

“Are you serious? Are you serious?” asks Pelosi, echoing her 2009 response to a reporter who asked her about the constitutionality of the individual mandate.

“I am,” says Dennis. The zombies start to applaud, enraging the Pelosi figure.

“Stop. Stop,” she tells them, and finally holds out her hand, concluding: “Talk to the hand.”

Cut to Dennis walking along a deserted sunlit road, as the lamb trots to freedom.

“There are some fights that need to be fought, no matter what the odds,” he says. “Help me to beat Nancy Pelosi. Help us to win.”

In a conference call Sunday, Burgard explained that the purpose of the ad was to get voters’ attention.

“In pop culture, there are more Americans who are interested in zombies than politicians,” he said.

Burgard said that Dennis had been making videos about policy, but he had gotten minimal attention for them. Making an ad like this was “a way to get their attention”

Dennis unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi in 2010, losing by a wide margin in the heavily Democratic-leaning San Francisco district. He did, however, produce another highly amusing ad, in which Nancy Pelosi is cast as the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Dennis is not seen as likely to win the uphill race, and he is aware of it, but he is trudging on anyway. The sacrificial lamb in the video who is freed by Dennis is meant to be a metaphor for his candidacy — Dennis is running a real race; he is not just a warm body that Republicans put up to fight a losing battle.

“This guy has got some cojones,” Burgard said of Dennis. “Most people against these odds would not stand up and do this fight.”

The odds of Dennis pulling an upset may be long, but this ad is certain to make people remember him.

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