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Rosemary Schindler: Geller’s defaced ads ‘direct, to the point’ [VIDEO]

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Pro-Israel activist Rosemary Schindler supported a Pam Geller ad that was defaced in a New York City subway.

“I love Pam Geller’s ads because they are direct and to the point, and they’re using propaganda for righteousness, to expose the truth,” Schindler said in an interview. “Her slogans are inspirational, they’re direct, and they give light to the situation in a pointed way that can wake people up, and never before have I felt that Americans need to wake up.”

“We’re very busy with our lives, we’re concerned with the things around us, but we’re at such a critical time that we will determine whether our vote will determine whether we will have freedoms in the future.”

“I think Pam Geller is doing a great service to the nation.”

Look for the full interview with Schindler Monday.

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