The middle class has been “buried the last four years” with taxes, says, um… JOE BIDEN

Jim Treacher | Blogger

And the part about “how they can justify raising taxes… with these tax cuts” is pretty funny. How does that work, exactly? That’s the great part: It doesn’t have to! Just say any old thing you please.

Keep in mind that their message is geared toward the people who were stupid enough to vote for them last time, so I’ll assume that you’re not in their target audience. We can still enjoy their insanity, though.

Keep talkin’, Joe. Keep right on talkin’.

Update: More hard-hitting Biden news from Politico. Water carried.

Update: I’m reluctant to say Joe is lying about Romney’s tax plan, because that would imply he has any idea what he’s saying. But he’s wrong about it. Obama’s the one who’s going to raise your taxes even higher.

Update: Paul Ryan agrees with ol’ Joe, though…

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