Do republicans hate sex? Campaign spokeswoman fired for anti-Catholic blog

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Florida Democratic congressional candidate Keith Fitzgerald fired communications director Ana Maria Rosato on Monday, after a news website published excerpts of her personal blog that attacked conservatives and Christians for being “obsessed with sex.”
Sunshine State News revealed Rosato’s “Sassy Political insights” blog, in which she wrote that Republicans are a “cranky, irritable, miserable lot” and a party that “ain’t getting any lovin’.”
“[I]f Republicans had healthy, loving, hot sex lives, they would quit screwing over the rest of us,” she wrote on her blog.

How do her allegations hold up to the facts? Not at all, according to multiple surveys.

The Daily Beast reports that Republicans lead the polls in frequency of orgasm. Apparently, quality usurps quantity in Republican sex lives. According to the 2004 survey conducted by the ABC News Polling Unit, Republicans have a ten percent lead on Democrats in most areas, including relationship and sexual satisfaction.

What’s more, 33% of Democrats admitted to faking orgasm, while only 26% Republicans have.

Although she claims that Republicans  “can’t get it up, can’t get off, and/or can’t get any,”  that they are missing the “word-escaping orgasmic ecstasy of it all,” in reality it is the Democrats who fall behind conservatives in relationship and sexual satisfaction.

According to the survey, Democrats are more likely female and more likely to fake orgasm.

“I have a strict policy,” she writes: “I don’t screw Republicans.”

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