Tucker Carlson: ‘Who cares what Newt Gingrich says?’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter

Following last night’s roll-out of The Daily Caller exclusive video on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” which showed then-Sen. Barack Obama portraying himself as something different than he is now, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on FNC’s “On the Record” and downplayed it by saying it would have “some impact,” but said it wasn’t “definitive.”

During Fox News Channel’s “America Live,” host Megyn Kelly pointed out the lack of mainstream media attention to Daily Caller editor in chief Tucker Carlson and former Obama campaign consultant Marjorie Clifton reacted to Gingrich’s comments.

Transcript as follows:

KELLY: It’s interesting just to see that the remarks in full did not get a lot of attention. The full remarks as you say were not aired in that way at the time. And now that they are coming out you know, so many in the mainstream media — it’s the job of the left to say this is not a deal. But the mainstream media is coming out and saying it’s not a story because they already covered it. But really they didn’t already cover it.
CARLSON: Anything that happened ten years ago is not a story? Nothing about Bain [Capital] can be talked about now.
CLIFTON: Even Newt Gingrich said this is not a story.
CARLSON: Who cares what Newt Gingrich says? I mean —
CLIFTON: I would hope you care a little.
KELLY: That’s going to have to be the last word. Thank you both so much.

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