Woodward blames Obama debate performance on distraction in ‘his presidential or personal life’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Long-time presidential reporter Bob Woodward says that President Barack Obama didn’t live up to expectations in his debate appearance Wednesday night because he was distracted either by politics or something personal.

Woodward, the author of “The Price of Politics,” said on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade & Friends” on Thursday that, while he had no proof to support his theory, he felt that some sort of distraction must be to blame.

“I have not done any reporting on this, but I’m going to give you my honest view,” Woodward said. “Something happened — maybe in foreign affairs, they got some intelligence report or something — who knows the things that can happen in a president’s life that distract him?”

Woodward then continued to explain that Obama’s seeming lack of engagement in the event might have been caused by something in his personal life.

“He was distracted, as you point out, as everyone does looking down,” Woodward continued. “It is was not an engaged Obama…He knew that this is an important encounter. I think that as the onion gets peeled on this, we’re going to find that something happened in his presidential or personal life that distracted him.”

(h/t Fox News Radio)

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