SNL mocks MSNBC: ‘A look back at the Obama debate disaster’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Following Wednesday’s presidential debate, it was obvious that the crew on MSNBC was taking President Barack Obama’s lackluster performance hard, and it turns out their excessive on-air melancholy was enough to earn them a spot on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” last night.

Cecily Strong’s Rachel Maddow called the debate “the worst thing that ever happened anywhere” when she introduced the segment.

On set, Kenan Thompson’s Al Sharpton joined Jason Sudeikis’ Chris Matthews, who wasn’t that far off in reenacting the “Hardball” host’s actual hysterical reaction to the debate.

“What the hell happened? I want answers,” Sudeikis’ Matthews said.

“Disappointed? I have never been so disgusted in all my life,” Sudeikis’ Matthews added. “I feel bad for whoever had to, you know, move the podiums afterwards, because Obama took a giant dump behind his.”

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