Genachowski attended Obama’s wedding without wife Raddatz, says ABC

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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ABC News told the Daily Caller Wednesday that vice presidential debate moderator and ABC News senior foreign correspondent Martha Raddatz was not at President Barack Obama’s wedding to Michelle in 1992.

The news outlet, however, did not deny that Raddatz was invited to the Obama wedding when asked. Raddatz’s then husband, Julius Genachowski, was in attendance, The Daily Caller has learned.

An earlier investigation by TheDC revealed that Obama attended Raddatz’s wedding the year prior when she married Genachowski, who had been a close and personal friend of Obama’s.

The two men worked together on the Harvard Law Review. Genachowski and Obama’s close friendship would later continue on the campaign trail and into the White House. Genachowski is currently Obama’s Federal Communications Commission chairman.

A 2008 op-ed penned by Menachem Genack, Genachowski’s cousin, further articulated the friendship between Genachowski and Obama.

“This election has special meaning for me because my cousin, Julius Genachowski, is an old friend and longtime adviser of Obama,” wrote Genack.

“Julius was very active in the successful campaign and now is a member of the transition team,” he said.

“He and Obama attended Harvard Law School together in the early 1990s and both served on Law Review,” he continued.

“They attended each other’s weddings—Obama participated in the Jewish dances at Julius’ wedding—and have remained close to this day,” wrote Genack.

When asked about Raddatz’s possible attendance at the Obamas’ wedding, ABC spokesman David Ford wrote back, “NO. She was not.”

Ford would not address why Genachowski was in attendance without his then-wife, and whether she was invited to the ceremony.

“You should check with Mr. Genachowski’s office about him,” said Ford. “Martha was not at the wedding.”

The FCC, and the Obama and Romney campaign’s did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment.

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