Sarah Palin on tonight’s vice presidential debate

Laura Byrne | Contributor

Just hours before Thursday night’s vice presidential debate, former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said Joe Biden and Paul Ryan probably aren’t as uneasy as the incumbent president.

“I think who’s nervous tonight is Barack Obama,” Palin told Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly. “[Obama] certainly wants to see the debate shift in terms of attention being deflected from his poor performance, his arrogance, his aloofness, his disconnection that he really exuded in his own debate performance last week.”

The former Alaska governor admitted she does not reminisce about her own debate with Vice President Joe Biden four years ago.

“I’ve never seen clips of the debate. I’ve never watched any of those reruns from four years ago, from the acceptance speech to the debate or anything. No, life goes on. You move forward, and I don’t rehash the past,” Palin said.

Palin said her debate prep was intense, with aides handing her stacks of cards filled with information about running mate John McCain’s voting record.

“Campaign operatives wanted me to memorize many, many, many, in fact all of those facts and pieces of data, so that my message would coincide with John McCain’s. At the end of the day, though, that VP debater has just got to be themselves.”

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