Will Joe Biden’s laughs be the new Al Gore sighs?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Immediately after Thursday night’s vice presidential debate, I noted that the post-debate spin would matter greatly. The media narrative, I predicted, would either be that Biden was tough — or that he was rude and condescending and dismissive.

Narratives, of course, don’t just happen. They are pushed.

Wasting little time, the RNC quickly produced a brutal new video, highlighting some of the moments when Biden was laughing at awkward and inopportune times.

Videos can matter much more than mere words, and one imagines  this one could have a real impact — especially if it makes it onto TV.

Could it be that Joe Biden, by smirking and laughing, made the same mistake Al Gore made in 2000 with his audible sighs?

Matt K. Lewis