Mark Steyn: Hillary Clinton used Libyan ambassador’s dead body ‘as prop to peddle a false narrative’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Hugh Hewitt’s radio last week, National Review columnist Mark Steyn accused the Obama administration of using slain U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens as a political prop.

Steyn, author of “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon,” particularly criticized the way top administration officials — including the president — referred to Stevens as a “friend.”

“I think it’s extraordinary that the president and the Secretary of State and everyone below them knew … that his ridiculous [YouTube] video has nothing to do with [the attack on the consulate]. And they have spent the next four weeks in effect lying to us, including people who claim to be Chris — everyone calls him ‘Chris’ in this administration — Chris, he is known to all, he is friend to all, Chris Stevens. Hillary Clinton calls him ‘Chris.’ Barack Obama calls him ‘Chris.’”

“Hillary Clinton stood next to her friend Chris’ coffin and went on about this video, even though she knew it was nothing to do with that,” Steyn continued. “Aside from anything else, it’s a wonderful example of how shriveling and corrupting politics is — that in the end, her great friend Chris, his coffin, his body, assuming they’re not lying to us about the body being in there. They lost that, along with all the names of those in Benghazi who are assisting the United States consulate there. Assuming she’s not lying to us about the body being in there, she used his body as prop to peddle a false narrative.”

And that, Steyn said, was reason for all Democrats to be embarrassed by their political party.

“If I were a Democrat — I don’t care what party this is,” Steyn said. “It doesn’t matter if they’re Republicans, if they’re Democrats or the Socialist Workers’ Party or the Raving Green Looney Party, if you support that party, you should be ashamed of a shriveled definition of politics, that it consumes even those who you claim are your friends, like Chris Stevens. He’s a real person. Sean Smith is a real person. Tyrone Woods is a real person. Glen Doherty — these are real people, not just props in Obama’s attempt to swing 1,200 soccer moms in southern Ohio.”

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