New Mack ad features his mother and father, a former senator [VIDEO]

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Florida Senate hopeful Connie Mack has made a huge ad buy to run a new ad featuring the congressman’s mother rebutting some of the personal attacks made by Mack’s opponent, Sen. Bill Nelson, and comparing Mack to his father, a former senator.

The ad, entitled “Proud Mom,” goes on the air Tuesday, and the campaign has put over $1 million dollars behind it. The ad will run statewide on both broadcast on table television.


“My Connie was a good kid,” says Priscilla Mack, sitting on the couch looking at baby pictures of her son, as he and his father talk in the background.

“A bit of a handful,” she laughs. “We mothers understand.”

“Who would’ve thought he wants to change the world, but he does. Who knew my other Connie would make a difference, he did,” she says, referring to her husband. “And my son Connie will be a great senator, just like his dad.”

“Connie cares about people. He’ll work hard, and he’ll do the right thing,” she says.

“I’m Connie Mack and I approve this message,” says Mack.

“I love him dearly,” concludes his mom.

Nelson has run some negative ads attacking Mack, including some for his behavior when he was younger, attacking him for bar brawls and for being a “promoter for Hooters.” This ad would seem designed to rebut that.

Mack’s father, who also went by Connie, served two terms and held the seat that Nelson now holds. (VIDEO: Gingrich calls out Rove super PAC, NRSC for abandoning Akin),/strong>

Most polls have shown Mack trailing the Democratic incumbent by several points, though a Rasmussen poll released Sunday showed the race tied, with Nelson leading 46-45. According to the campaign, this poll is similar to their internal numbers.

The Mack campaign has contended that other pollsters that show Mack trailing by a lot are inappropriately using the 2008 voter model, which they say is not an accurate reflection of likely turnout this cycle.

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