Fashion designer Glenn Beck releases ‘1791’ denim line

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One year after conservative pundit Glenn Beck announced his intention to boycott Levi’s for their progressive advertising, Beck launched his own fashion line. His brand, “1791,” provides jeans only for men.

Beck’s denim ad is patriotic and wholesome compared to the 2011 Levi’s ad, which features a voice-over poem by Charles Bukowksi and sexy young people doing sexy things in jeans. Beck denounced the ad for promoting progressivism and “glorifying revolution.”

Beck says he wants to give American men American jeans. 1791 is the year the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution.

“100% made in America,” Beck’s website reads, “It has the copper rivets, it has the button fly, it has the exact fabric that, if you’re my age, you grew up with. The exact fabric that the miners used to use in the 1800s.”

The jeans, which went on sale Monday, start at $129.99 a pair and come in two styles: “Classic,” and, for edgier, more fashion-conscious people, “Straight.” Each pair of jeans features a button-closure with an American Indian on it, because Native American history is important to Glenn Beck.

The women’s clothing line, which ironically does not feature mom jeans, features non-progressive graphic tees — very reminiscent of 2004.

Perhaps President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could take warning from this, as they too have been recently ridiculed for their mom-jean problem.

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