If you vote for Obama, you can be just like Jay-Z [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Best friends forever and ever and ever and normal, everyday millionaires — rapper Jay-Z and President Barack Obama — want you to know that you, too, can be multimillionaires if you get out the vote for Obama.

In a campaign video posted to Obama’s YouTube page Monday, Jay-Z — whose surprisingly epicene speaking voice doesn’t really match up to his hardcore phat beatz — describes what Obama’s election in 2008 meant to normal, everyday people.

“What he represented to a nation of kids were hope,” Jay says with flawed grammar. “You know the hope of people all across the country who could look and see themselves and know the possibilities.”

The video goes on to describe a world of Scranton, Penn., and Brooklyn, N.Y. teens who spent the last four years making million-dollar record deals and becoming the president of the United States.

Just kidding, that didn’t happen. But Obama’s double-head does eerily appear on two screens as if he is the Man Behind the Curtain and explains why America is awesome and how we can all learn from Jay-Z.

“To me, the idea of America is that no matter who you are what you look like or where you come from, you can make it if you try. Jay-Z did. He didnt come from power or privilege,” Obama said. “He got ahead because he worked hard, learned from his mistakes and just plain refused to quit [Ed note: refused to quit pimpin’]. That’s the promise of this country.”

This campaign ad could be the most brilliant ad of the entire election season, because who doesn’t want to be big pimping and spending “G’s” (one-thousand dollar bills)?


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