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“Secret Service” doesn’t mean “get serviced, keep secrets”

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Hey, remember when the Secret Service got in trouble because of that hooker in Colombia? And then there was all that stuff about how the guys who are supposed to be protecting the President of the United States spend a lot of time partying really hard?

Well, it’s only getting worse, as Fox News reports:

An investigation for the agency that oversees the U.S. Secret Service suggests Director Mark Sullivan lied during his congressional testimony in the Colombia prostitution scandal that ensnared 13 of his agents, multiple law enforcement officials and congressional sources tell FoxNews.com.

Investigators with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) have completed their investigative report, which will be referred to the Department of Justice along with a memorandum of activity that lists potential criminal actions. The report indicates Sullivan may have obstructed Congress by lying about the criminal associations of prostitutes involved in the scandal…

Multiple high-ranking law enforcement officials close to the investigation told FoxNews.com that at the time of his testimony, Sullivan knew the intelligence community had found one confirmed hit — meaning one of the prostitutes hired by a member of the Secret Service showed up in a CIA database of known criminals — and one partial, unconfirmed, hit…

In addition to his alleged perjury, Sullivan is suspected of misleading Congress in his responses to written questions for the record submitted by lawmakers, including Rep. Peter King of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Imagine that, hookers with criminal ties.

Well, I guess it was a bit much to expect the Secret Service to be more ethical or honest than any other government employee. Still, the whole thing is disappointing. A big part of the Secret Service’s effectiveness is their aura of professionalism, competence, and honor. That’s kind of tough to maintain when you’re cavorting with whores and then lying to Congress about it.

By the way, another Secret Service employee was found passed-out drunk in the street in Miami last week. It was the least embarrassing thing to happen to the Secret Service in months.

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Jim Treacher