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Calling all liberals: Please share any “binder” jokes that have actually made you laugh

I’m not saying none of them have been funny. There’s nothing more subjective than humor, and nobody knows that better than someone as unfunny as I am. I just want our friends on the left to share some of the “binder” jokes that have filled them with joy and laughter, so the rest of us can see what we’ve been missing.

You don’t have to explain why it made you laugh, because we’re too dumb to understand anyway, but you can if you want to.

And if you want to interpret this as a direct challenge, I’d say you’re catching on.

Okay, I’ll start. Here’s the only one so far that I’ve found funny, or that has a point, or makes sense, or any of the other things one might try to incorporate into a joke:

So. Now that you’ve found this so profoundly unfunny that you pity me for daring to admit I liked it: Your turn, libs.

Take all the time you need.

Update: While we’re waiting, check out noted author Frank J. Fleming: Binders Full of Desperation.

Update: Finally! Commenter “some guy” has shared a few funny “binder” jokes that made him laugh, presumably.

So. Yep. Anybody else?