Paul Ryan mixes up Browns quarterback Weeden, backup McCoy

Laura Byrne Contributor
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Vice President Joe Biden isn’t the only person Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan can crack up.

Ryan had the entire Cleveland Browns football team giggling after accidentally pointing to the backup quarterback instead of the starting quarterback to applaud his talent on the football field.

The vice presidential hopeful, while visiting the Cleveland Browns practice facility Wednesday morning, pointed to whom he thought was starting quarterback Brandon Weeden to praise his performance at Oklahoma State.

Instead, he pointed at backup Colt McCoy, who was not only replaced by Weeden just this summer but was McCoy’s rival in college. McCoy played for Texas when Weeden was with Oklahoma State.

After someone finally told Ryan he was pointing at the wrong guy, Ryan shrugged it off and told Weeden “You always had your helmet on.”

Linebacker Scott Fujita tweeted “Today’s locker room laugh from practice was hearing how Paul Ryan looked Colt McCoy dead in the eye & said ‘great job at Oklahoma State.'”

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, whose brother is the Republican governor of Tennessee, invited Ryan and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the practice. Unlike Ryan, a Green Bay Packers fan, Rice has supported the Browns for years. She not only could tell Weeden and McCoy apart, but she also knew who everyone else was on the field.

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