Relationship expert Donald Trump warns Robert Pattinson against reuniting with Kristen Stewart

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor

Expert on Every Single Thing Donald Trump weighed in on the news that Robert Pattinson is reportedly back together with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who made him out to be a cuckolded fool.

She allegedly lured him back with her articulate conversational techniques and vibrant personality. Or because Summit Entertainment forced them back together because of the upcoming “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn II” promotional tour. Or because of these.

Regardless, Trump ominously warned the “Twilight” actor that Stewart is “a dog” who will cheat on him again. The origins of the maxim, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” can be traced back to the hairpiece fanatic.

Millions of tweens worldwide would agree with you, Donald. After his sound advice was picked up by numerous news outlets and “Twilight” message boards alike, Trump followed up Thursday on his tweet by predicting the future, something he is also capable of doing.

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