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Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about how awesome Obama is

And it goes a little somethin’ like this:

He managed to rhyme “Obama” with “Osama,” just like the guys rioting at our embassies. But then he ran out of steam.

Hope this helps, Bruce!

The whole economy’s in trauma
He lied about the death of his own mama
And then there’s that Benghazi drama
So that’s why you should vote Obama

You can read Springsteen’s rationalizations for supporting Obama on his website, if you really think that’s a good use of your time on this earth. Or you can read the top 10 Springsteen lyrics that make absolutely no sense. Which is definitely easier to compile than the top 10 Springsteen lyrics that do.

(Hat tip: AV Club)

P.S. Gutfeld wins again.