Gloria Allred won’t address Drudge October surprise speculation

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Women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred will not confirm or deny Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge’s speculation that she will soon “make a move” to affect the presidential election.

“Here she comes. Hearing Gloria Allred out there again, about to make a move.” Drudge tweeted Thursday. “After all, it’s her time of the campaign. Team O at the ready!!”

Allred is so far not commenting 0n the rumor, chalking her silence up to client privacy.

“I have no comment at this time about Mr. Drudge’s Tweet,” Allred told Radar Online. “I don’t discuss meetings with potential clients.”

Allred is known for taking clients with high-profile cases, including those with political implications.

During the Republican presidential primary, Allred represented Sharon Bialek, whose claims of sexual misconduct against Herman Cain helped to push him out of the race. In 2010, Allred represented the illegal immigrant former housekeeper of then-Republican California gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman.

In early October, Allred met with President Obama during a campaign fundraiser at the Nokia Theater in L.A.

“I just thanked him for being the great president that he is and let him know the work that I do. And he indicated that he was very well aware of the work that I do and liked the work that I did and was very very kind,” Allred told TMZ. “He said to the people there ‘she is one of the best attorneys in our country.’ So that was very very kind of him.”

Allred attended the Democratic National Convention as a Calfornia delegate over the summer.

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