Surprise! ‘Undecided’ debate questioner at Tuesday’s debate declares for Obama

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In a shocking development, the 20-year-old exercise science major who led off Tuesday’s presidential debate seeking reassurance from the candidates about his job prospects has apparently endorsed President Barack Obama.

The Associated Press reports that Adelphi University student Jeremy Epstein said Wednesday he still clings to the “undecided” label, but would cast his vote for Obama if the election were held today.

Epstein told the AP that he was dazzled when Obama gazed into his eyes.

“I felt like he was saying he wanted a bright future for me, that he was talking about the youth of America,” Epstein said.

Epstein did not correctly recall each candidate’s answer to his probing question, however.

Part of Obama’s response to Epstein’s question involved an unsolicited digression about manufacturing jobs.

“I want to build manufacturing jobs in this country again,” Obama said, before he took credit for saving the American auto industry.

Epstein apparently walked away from the debate thinking that Romney, not Obama, had brought up the manufacturing industry.

“Gov. Romney went into a discussion about manufacturing jobs,” Epstein said, according to the Associated Press. “I don’t think people in college like me are looking for that kind of job right now.”

The transcript of Tuesday’s debate shows that Romney made no mention of manufacturing in his response to Epstein’s question, or in any part of the exchange that followed the question.

Both candidates did touch on manufacturing jobs and the manufacturing industry later in the debate, in response to later questions.

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