TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein: Top 10 groups of people who shouldn’t vote

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Our political culture is obsessed with getting as many people to vote as possible. As noble a sentiment as this might be, we may want to consider the possibility that not everyone should vote. This is not to say we should restrict who can vote beyond the limits we already have in place. But maybe we should encourage some people to think twice about making it to the polls to register their opinion. Below are the top 10 people or groups of people who might want to think twice before casting their ballot for president on Nov. 6 .

10.) Those who are willing to speak authoritatively on camera about a debate that hasn’t occurred as if they saw it. See below:


9.) The six percent of Ohio voters who said Mitt Romney deserves more credit for killing Osama bin Laden than President Barack Obama in a September PPP poll.

8.) People who think radio conspiracist Alex Jones is insightful.

7.) People who would be swayed by who Paul Ryan predicts to win the upcoming college football game between Ohio State and Wisconsin:

6.) Anyone who believes there is actually a war on women.

5.) John Walker Lindh.

4.) Those who think Paul Ryan is black or don’t know Osama bin Laden is dead. See below:


3.) Muppets, even though they now have a stake in the election.

2.) Anyone who uses the words heterodox and orthogonal in everyday speech — like MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

1.) American relatives of the guy below:


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