Clips of Obama ‘apology tour’ undercut debate denial [VIDEO]

David Martosko Executive Editor
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During Monday night’s third and final presidential debate, President Barack Obama denied the charge by Republican nominee Mitt Romney that Obama had gone on a global “apology tour” after assuming office.

But a collection of clips of the president, assembled by the nonpartisan conservative group Young America’s Foundation, undercuts Obama’s denial.


[youtube width=360 height=202]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FGbDJuD2do[/youtube]

Another conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, hit back against the president’s denial by referring Twitter followers to a Heritage blog post from Sept. 21.

“In a commercial containing clips from their Washington press conferences, subtitled in Urdu, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton said ‘sorry’ to the mad hordes attacking the American embassy in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad and deplored the infamous anti-Muslim 14-minute YouTube video,” that post reads.

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