New McMahon ad targets Obama supporters

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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A new ad from Republican senate hopeful Linda McMahon touts her willingness to work with the president if elected; not Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, but President Barack Obama.

McMahon is running in the very blue state of Connecticut, and her latest ad features several voters who say they will be splitting their ticket — voting for Obama for president and McMahon for senate, instead of her Democratic opponent Rep. Chris Murphy.

“Linda will work with President Obama, and I believe he’ll work with her,” says a veteran featured in the ad.

McMahon communications director Todd Abrajano noted that there are significantly fewer registered Republicans in Connecticut than there are Democrats, and most voters are registered independent. Therefore, he said, any Republican hoping to win statewide office needs to draw votes from Democrats and independents.

The ad was meant to point out that “there are some people out there who are registered Democrats and are going to support President Obama, but they’re also going to support Linda McMahon, and that’s OK.”

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, another Republican running in a Democratic stronghold, has taken a similar tack, featuring President Obama praising him in a campaign ad.

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