Son of Republican state senator viciously attacked, hospitalized after thieves try to steal Romney-Ryan yard sign

Jessica Stanton Contributor
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The son of a Wisconsin Republican state senator was viciously beaten and attacked while attempting to stop two thieves from stealing a Romney-Ryan yard sign from his property early Friday morning.

Sean, the son of State Sen. Neal Kedzie, awoke early the morning of Oct. 19 to hear the noisy intruders outside his residence in Whitewater. Kedzie yelled at the intruder, who promptly returned the yard sign. A second intruder appeared, however, and began the assault on Kedzie.

“Sean was wrestled to the ground by both persons, held down by a constricting chokehold, and struck repeatedly about the face and head,” Sen. Kedzie said in a statement released Monday. “He nearly passed out from the chokehold and suffered contusions to his face and eyes.”

A neighbor heard the fight and was able to frighten off the attackers and call the police. Sean was treated at Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital. Although he was released from the hospital later the same day, he is still recovering from the injuries he sustained.

“Obviously, as parents, we are shaken by this event and very troubled it was apparently initiated and motivated for political reasons,” Sen. Kedzie stated.

Whitewater Police are actively investigating the incident, according to NBC15 News. Kedzie’s son may have to re-sign because of the incident.

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