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Keith Olbermann will host for food

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from America’s Favorite Least-Favorite Television Personality. And he’s not happy about it.


Jeff Bercovici reports:

Think Keith Olbermann has burned his last bridge in the television business? He doesn’t think so…

In recent weeks, Olbermann has reached out to executives at a slew of different networks to communicate his desire for a new on-air role, according to people with knowledge of those conversations. Those include both cable outlets and at least one broadcast network.

He has expressed interest in taking over as anchor of existing shows and in starting a new show. Indeed, several of the networks he’s approached don’t have any news programming per se on their schedules.

Well, neither did Current TV. But then he swooped to their rescue and… Okay, yeah, that’s really not a very good example, is it?

Good luck, Keith. When all else fails, don’t be afraid to downgrade your goals even further. Hey, maybe SpongeBob needs a new sidekick?