‘Cokie Roberts’ Googles directions to Applebee’s from Twitter account

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Veteran NPR and ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts, 68, doesn’t appear to have a handle on this new-fangled Twitter thing. Or at least her imposter doesn’t.

A parody “Cokie Roberts” Twitter account appears to show the journalist confusing the social media site for Google as she tries to find directions to a Washington, D.C. area Applebee’s.

Later, it appears that she gave up on finding the fine dining establishment and cooked in, since she Google-tweets “homemade applebees” and “applebees dessert shooters recipe.”

The account has tweeted 32 times since its first tweet on Oct. 22, and has nearly 4,000 followers. Roberts’ alleged Twitter account follows just 128 people — all journalists or news outlets.

The Twitter bio reads: “Senior news analyst for NPR; Commentator for ABC; Proud mother of two and grandmother of six,” things that are all true. But the real Roberts’ NPR colleague Andy Carvin tweeted Friday, “She told NPR via email that she didn’t set up the account.”

“Roberts” tweeted that she would much rather be watching the film “Joyful Noise” starring Dolly Parton on OnDemand than the final presidential debate. She also tweeted “RT if you want Malia to debate Tagg before election day.”

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