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I think Lena Dunham’s Obama ad is great and she should do a bunch more just like it

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If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to see it. If you’ve already seen it, you have to see it again.

Keep in mind, this is an official Obama for America ad. This isn’t some PAC, or some minor celebrity trying to get upvotes on Funny or Die. OfA put this out there. “Take that, Mitt! Sure, you’ve got that cranky old bastard Clint Eastwood, but we’ve got Lena Dunham.”

Well, Team Obama has definitely cornered the Flighty, Uninformed, Tatted-Up Hipsters Who Have HBO Shows for Some Reason vote. How will it play with the other 99.999999999% of the country? Oh, I’m sure they’ll love it too.

Some people are aghast that Team Obama is so creepy and cultlike that they think this is a good ad. To them I say… What are you complaining about? This is a very promising sign. The Greatest President Ever knows he’s in trouble and is willing to try anything, anything, to squeeze out one more vote. If he thinks his base is so helpless and infantilized that something like this appeals to them, great. If he thinks this will sway “independents” and “undecideds” and other people who won’t admit they’re voting for Romney because their friends will think they’re uncool and/or racist, fantastic. Run with that.

Keep showing us just what a serious guy you are, Mr. President: Big Bird, binders, bayonets, and babbling bubbleheads.

Allahpundit notes:

Here’s her pitch to the feminists of tomorrow: Vote for Barack because he cynically lied about gay marriage to get elected four years ago and pretends to have brought the troops home from America even though it was actually Bush who was chiefly responsible for that. You want a guy who’s honest to be your “first,” wink wink, right, ladies?

And Ace says:

It continues to be weird that Democrats want so bad to have sex with their cult leader. But I guess that’s a central part of the cult thing.

The deprogramming begins on November 6.

Caroline May has more on this story.

P.S. Just last week: Lena Dunham apologizes, profusely, for offensive Halloween tweet.


P.P.P.S. Four more years!