Mark Levin rips ‘egomaniac,’ ‘schmuck’ Colin Powell: ‘You’re a partisan hack’

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On Thursday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell went on “CBS This Morning” and endorsed President Barack Obama — a move that drew the intense ire of conservative talker Mark Levin, the author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.”

On his Thursday radio show, Levin excoriated Powell, who served in the administration of former President George W. Bush.

“Oh wow – wow, well that’s convinced me,” Levin quipped. “I’ve been wrong all the time, because Colin’s Powell, or Powell’s colon — Colin Powell has announced he’s voting for Obama in 2008, so he’s going to vote for him in 2012. Now that right there is compelling. The logic is compelling. The man is compelling. What a jerk.”

Levin was careful not to criticize Powell for his military service.

“Other than that, he’s really quite the schmuck,” Levin said. “I’m just being honest with you. He’s an egomaniac. He was a terrible secretary of state. But I would ask Mr. Powell this question: Ronald Reagan plucked you from obscurity, specifically [former Secretary of Defense Caspar] ‘Cap’ Weinberger did, Mr. Powell. What do you think ‘Cap’ Weinberger would think of what’s happening to the United States Navy, in general the United States Armed Forces, Mr. Powell? ‘Cap’ Weinberger, who was behind the 600-ship navy, that is just now going to be under 300? What do you think about that, Mr. Powell? Ronald Reagan would be repulsed by Obama, by his conduct in the Oval Office, by the way he campaigns, by the way he lies, by his philosophy, by his policies, by what he’s done to this nation and the private sector, Mr. Powell. So why did you endorse Barack Obama, Mr. Powell?”

Levin went on to say Powell should have considered the president’s recent difficulty on the international stage.

“I think nobody gives a damn what you think,” Levin said. “Notice he didn’t mention the consulate in Libya. Notice how he is brushing off, or doesn’t want to get into — is just spinning? By the way, I have a list of admirals, a list of generals who are endorsing Romney. I don’t have such a list for Obama.”

“But what’s obvious to me – I don’t mean to be rude, I say this with all due respect — Colin Powell is a chameleon,” Levin said. “With all due respect — and again, not to trash his military service, but to expose his service as a politician and in these other positions — did anyone doubt that Colin Powell was going to be endorsing Barack Obama? And despite his little spin here, he didn’t give a serious reason why … Mr. Powell, you’re totally out of touch with the people of this country if you think this economy is turning around. … You know what you are? You’re a partisan hack. Get out of my party.”

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