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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Filmmaker Curtis Bowers

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Curtis Bowers is a former Idaho state legislator, father of nine and producer of the film “Agenda: Grinding America Down.”

Churches and tea party groups throughout the country are showing Bowers’ flick, which attempts to demonstrate, using their own words, a three decades long agenda by progressives to erode the pillars of American exceptionalism.

In an interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Bowers discusses his movie’s theme, the reaction to it, his thoughts on President Barack Obama and why he believes America is exceptional.

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Tell us about your movie “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

Tell us your background; why did you make this movie, “Agenda”?

What has the reaction been to your film?

What is at stake in American politics right now?

What is the significance of Antonio Gramsci, and what’s his connection to Saul Alinsky?

How would you assess President Obama? What accounts for so many Americans being duped by his campaign?

From your point of view, who are constitutional conservatives really up against?

Since many conservatives credit Ronald Reagan with ending the Cold War, do those conservatives reject your theory?

Why is America exceptional?

How does the left try to stop or discredit you?

To see the 90 minute movie, click here.

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